Hi, I’m David  ✍️

Hi, I’m David ✍️

  • 🧳 I work with companies, startups, and projects in web2 and web3.
  • 🤺 Expertise in
    • writing & editorial
    • content strategy
    • technical documentation
    • brand building
    • independent journalism
    • growth hacking
    • executive ghostwriting
    • social media & PR
    • biz dev processes
    • fintech and web3
    • new project hype
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💻 What am I doing now?

  • ⚙️ Running my solo marketing practice for web3 projects, startups, and enterprise SaaS companies. Writing, editing, strategy, social media, BD, PR. You name it.
  • 📝 Writing features about the intersection of culture and crypto as a contributor to Culture3. The metaverse, sports, and culinary arts are some topics of interest.
  • ⚡️Advising startups and projects from e-commerce and cybersecurity to web3. I help with marketing, branding, content strategy and such. It’s the “ventures” part of things.

📚 Latest Publications


Gamified galloping: Stables is setting a new standard for the next generation of sport

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4.14.23. Horse racing is an aging industry. Stables wants to completely reimagine the narrative, allowing fans to mint an NFT that’s linked to a real-life horse.

Unlocking Downstream Opportunities in Web3's Reputation Economy

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3.24.23. Trust and transparency are the new currency, and we can now leverage on-chain and web2 data to quantify and apply reputation more flexibly than ever before.
Archive & Portfolio

💥 Previously

  • Full time roles:
    • Staff writer for crypto and web3 PR agency Front Lines Media. My intro into crypto in 2017, ghostwriting features for VentureBeat, Psychology Today, and others.
    • Head content marketer for national cybersecurity and compliance firm — RSI Security — building SEO content and publishing features in Forbes, Hackernoon, and other outlets.
    • Sales and business development for ServiceMax, a bay area industrial b2b application built on Salesforce. Built southeast regional sales pipeline the year prior to IPO.
  • Consulting projects:
    • Advisor to OptiMonk, a Hungarian e-commerce startup. Helped define content and thought leadership strategy for lead-gen and visibility.
    • Created english language market penetration strategy and collateral for Colombia-based investment firm Serfinco.
    • Formulated a Chinese market brand, social media and influencer strategy for Shanghai-based Australian celebrity chef David Laris.

🏖 Other Stuff

  • Love reading and writing about Sci-Fi if I have the time. Heinlein is my favorite.
  • Gifted in languages. I speak four just about fluently and can order a beer in many others.
  • Coded and programmed a text-based fantasy game in the 90s. Hint: pick up the sword.
  • Tried out for Jeopardy once. Didn’t get on the show but it was an interesting experience.
  • I love collectibles both physical and digital. Baseball cards, NFTs, artwork and such.
  • After growing up and spending many years in California, Bangkok is now my home.

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“When two people dream the same dream, it ceases to be an illusion.”
— Philip K. Dick